Short Stories &c.

Short Stories &c.

Most of the writing I’ve done throughout my life has been in the form of shorter pieces – news articles, essays, short stories, and vignettes. At an earlier age I learned that I write best in borrowed rooms, and more recently I realized that I write best in bite-sized pieces. Here are some of those bite-sized pieces presented for your reading pleasure. I’ll continue to add to these as I write more, so do check back. Comments are, of course, welcomed.

The Last Word

What is the last word someone hears before death? What is their last thought? What are the events that lead up to that final moment? The stories in this collection deal with these questions.

Growing Up New Jersey

What it’s like . . . well . . . growing up New Jersey. Vignettes of my early life in the Garden State.

How to be a Descendant of the Gods a Greek!

A true, if tongue-in-cheek, collection of insights into life in Greece, early 21st Century.

Assorted short stories

Some assorted short stories that are not part of any specific collection. Not yet, anyway.


Just what it sounds like. Relatively recent work. The older stuff is in boxes somewhere.

This and that

That and this.