Let Me Be Your Editor

Let Me Be Your Editor

Broadly experienced writer and editor will help you conceive, perfect, produce, and promote your fiction or non-fiction writing project.

If you like my writing style and how I approach editing and story lines, maybe you’ll want to hire me as your editor to help with anything from development to copy editing to guidance in presenting and promoting your book or other work.

A life-long writer, I have taught creative writing and journalism at the university level. Over the course of my career I have been a journalist, editor, and publisher, a science writer, a diplomat, and a public relations practitioner. Along the way I have won awards for my reporting, and I also was honored with the top award of the Florida Public Relations Association, the Golden Image Award. I also have done considerable public speaking and on-air radio and TV interviews and guest appearances, and I am proficient at obtaining media coverage.

Given this experience, I am prepared to work with authors at every stage of their writing projects, from inception through writing, editing, publication, and promotion. I write and edit in both fiction and non-fiction.

My critical sense enables me to zero in on what works and what might not work in your writing, on a developmental and strategic level. Further to that, I use my communication skills to explain clearly and unambiguously to you what I believe needs to be done to correct any deficiencies and strengthen your product. I also can assist you in crafting effective query letters and synopses.

One maxim I have lived by throughout my professional career is that every writer needs a good editor and every editor needs a good writer. I have spent many years on both sides of this symbiotic relationship and it guides my approach to editing.

I look forward to discussing your work with you and hope that I can assist you in perfecting your project and bringing you publishing success.