Cinco de Mayo haiku

Cars crossing the bridge
Thump-thump-thump, tires strike joints
Some go south, most north


Snowflakes, all

Snowflakes, all
We fall, blow, drift
Together, all


Four July 2011 Poems

Sounds emanate from inside

Sounds emanate from inside
It’s a jungle in there
You traipse across my brain
Making my dick hard
I know I have to go
Get this book from the kitchen
Write these words down
An awake dream
There now, gone in a moment
7:55 a.m., light out
More sounds inside
It’s a jungle down there

I cut into you

I cut into you
Doing the job for you
Peel back the rind
Baring your soul
Letting your juice run out
I want to taste you
Selfish me
Your heart devoured
Your cunt on my tongue
Your soul mine, mine yours
We are one

A spray of letters

A spray of letters
Words won’t form
My brain too tired
I want to sleep
Can’t sleep
Noises within
An explosion outside
What the fuck?
You are everywhere
8,600 miles away
Keeping me awake
At 8:13 a.m.
What do I do now?
Writing words
Because I must
I want you here
A spray of letters
A spray of cum

Some people will make you a victim

Some people will make you a victim
For what was done to you.
I make you a heroine.
Some would say you’ve been damaged.
I say you’ve been perfected.
Some would send you for treatment.
I send you to please me.
Some would say you’re both sick.
I agree, and check myself in with you.
Ain’t life grand when
The inmates run the asylum?
We’re the ones who know.
Come here, baby, and show me yours
And I’ll show you mine.
Touch me there, let me touch you
Feeling your tender dew
We’re the only sane ones
In this crazy fucking zoo.

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